Our Mission:

To solve the most complex problems of national defense, aerospace, and the environment through agility, innovation, and disruption, while striving to unlock our employees’ potential.

National Defense

We support the development of next-generation capabilities for our warfighters, specializing in autonomy and precision guided weapons solutions. 

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We design, build, and field unique sensor packages for observing high speed events. 

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Environmental Sensing

We help scientists and regulators characterize our world, and others. 

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Big news everybody: OptoKnowledge is rebranding!

For over 30 years, Opto-Knowledge Systems, Inc. has been innovating and solving the world’s most challenging engineering problems through Knowledge Systems. Knowledge Systems, better known these days as Artificial Intelligence, have always been at our core. As we refresh our brand, we’re bringing a bold new look and tying it together with a modern, uniquely relevant new domain name: OKSI.AI.

We are passionate. We are patriots. We are OKSI.

OKSI has grown substantially in our defense, aerospace, and environmental portfolios. We have devoted our talent and resources to leading the way in developing state-of-the-art AI/ML technologies and integrating them into EO/IR systems for ground, air, and space applications. Our passion for AI, data, analytics, and excellent design motivates us to push the boundaries of modern technology and develop breakthrough solutions never before seen. OKSI is growing in the ranks of global, revolutionary technology companies. Let us know if you need help solving your problem. We always stand ready.


Over our thirty-year history, OKSI has developed innovative technological solutions to the most complex problems of national defense, aerospace, and the environment. We are leaders in building EO/IR sensors and applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to our core technological focus areas. We are an agile organization, employing incredibly talented people striving to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our employees are recognized leaders in their respective fields, and we encourage collaboration across focus areas to enable leading edge client solutions. We provide world class benefits and a flexible work environment.

Our commitment to Government clients

OKSI provides custom intelligent sensors with machine-learning to solve problems where off-the-shelf products are unavailable or inadequate. We have a long track record of successfully delivering sensors and algorithms to government agencies, universities, and commercial companies. Our government clients include: