Rocket Engine Diagnostics

Whether in situ or remote, we have deep experience in analyzing rocket engine plumes to optimize performance and create predictive diagnostics.  We have worked with the Air Force Research Lab and commercial companies to provide the exhaust plume analytics in both areas.  Our techniques also enable optimal use of expensive components in reusable rocket engines.


Precision Navigation and Guidance

When the rest of the world was employing visual geometry, we developed radar transformations to disrupt the accuracy of visual relative navigation. Now we lead the market with innovative techniques that allow GPS-denied navigation night or day, using active or passive sensors.


The majority of unmanned vehicles are merely unoccupied but still require human supervision on a 1:1 basis. OptoKnowledge offers true autonomy with multiple platform command and control, allowing a single operator to control multiple unmanned vehicles for true force multiplications.

Custom Sensors

Developing hyperspectral and multispectral imaging systems is at the core of what we do and have been doing for 30 years. Our systems cover wavelength ranges from UV-visible-near infrared, short-wave-infrared, up to mid-wave, and long-wave infrared. We’ve developed sensors using a wide variety of instrument types and are continuously improving the software control system for our sensors. Our sensors cover a wide range of configurations and the performance characteristics range from ultra-high-speed events like missile intercept and kill assessment to those with very low noise requirements.

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Our 30-year history of developing and fielding sensors, along with our expertise in artificial intelligence, machine-learning, and deep reinforced learning, make us the leaders in Automatic Target Identification. 

Atmospheric Entry

Atmospheric entry vehicles are heated to extreme temperatures and are difficult to observe in high resolution. OptoKnowledge’s systems provide high-fidelity imaging and temperature data extraction and analysis.