To solve the most complex problems of national defense, aerospace, and the environment through agility, innovation, and disruption, while striving to unlock our employees’ potential. 


For over 30 years, OKSI has been a leader in protecting America’s interests, leveraging sensor technologies, and machine-learning to support that enduring mission. Since its founding we’ve evolved and grown within the defense industry, driving innovation and industry-disruption while producing machine learning-enhanced hardware and software tools that enable the collection and interpretation of optical information. With our wide range of expertise and customization, OKSI has been deemed the leader in the creation and implementation of imaging EO/IR systems for military, ground, air, and space-based applications for the United States. We step in and innovate when existing systems and tools are inadequate and drive breakthrough technological developments with and for top government agencies, universities, and commercial organizations.

Our beginnings

Opto-Knowledge Systems, Inc. (OKSI) was founded in 1991 by Dr. Nahum Gat specifically to capitalize on the emergence of novel applications for imaging spectroscopy systems and artificial intelligence (at that time known as “knowledge systems”). He brought with him years of experience working as a project manager for a large prime contractor in the aerospace and defense industry, as well as a five-year tenure in the Israeli Army where he lead combat missions as an armored battalion commander.

Our ongoing work

Today, we’re an R&D company creating impactful technology by combining light, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and algorithms. Our products rapidly analyze, identify, and communicate actionable insights, enabling critical decisions making, action prioritization, and outcome optimization. Our work spans across optical sensor systems, spectroscopy, machine learning, artificial intelligence, autonomy, and hypersonics. Our team includes well-respected leaders in R&D working together to redefine the meaning of “state-of-the-art” – and the future – on a daily basis.

Our expertise in all aspects of system construction, operation, and data exploitation sets us apart from other small companies and enables us to efficiently and rapidly provide complete custom solutions. Often this includes the design, construction, testing, and integration of sensor systems, as well as the development and utilization of analysis software. We provide custom solutions for a wide range of program sizes. We have developed deep partnerships through Other Transaction Authority (OTA) programs, SBIRs, and BAAs, as well as through extensive commercialization of dual-use technologies. Our mission is to provide effective hardware and software tools that enable the collection and interpretation of optical information (converting light into knowledge) for law enforcement, security, defense, agriculture, and medical applications. We thrive on delivering “turnkey” solutions to problems where off-the-shelf products do not exist.

Our proprietary technologies incorporate sensors spanning the spectrum, from ultra-violet through visible and to the far-infrared. Our single wavelength, broadband, and hyperspectral sensors are used by a wide range of clients across the United States. The trust and commitment to delivering high-quality technology have allowed us to make breakthrough developments for clients and partners that include:


  • Naval Sea Systems Command (NavSea)
  • Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC)
  • Missile Defense Agency (MDA).
  • The University of California Irvine
  • Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Rutgers University
  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography. 

Awards and accomplishments

With our wide range of expertise and customization, OKSI is the leading provider of some of the most complex technology for military and defense applications within the United States. We pride ourselves on contributing to the efforts of the safety of America and the individuals on the frontline. Our awards include:

  • Tibbett’s Award for Technological Innovation: OKSI was awarded the highly regarded and distinguished Tibbetts Award for Technological Innovation.


  • SBIR Quality Award: OKSI developed the variable aperture for cryogenically-cooled infrared cameras, which has enabled the U.S. Army’s 3rd generation forward-looking infrared (FLIR) systems to enhance their duties. Our FLIR technology has been implemented into helicopters, tanks, and other military vehicles, and we were awarded the SBIR Quality Award for our efforts and advancements in this technology.

Our Facility

In addition to an on-site machine shop for rapid development of prototypes, our robust electro-optics sensor and electronics development laboratory within our facility includes:


  •  Radiometric and spectral calibration
  •  Testing equipment
  •  Numerous light sources
  •  Optimal calibration standards
  •  Reflectance standards
  •  Black bodies
  •  Optical and optomechanical components
  •  Electronic test equipment
  •  Signal generators
  •  Vacuum pumping
  •  Leak detection
  •  Cryogenic cooling

Our valued partners

We bring technology from the lab to the world. We help universities and laboratories develop complete systems with our advanced technologies. Our current partner institutions include:

Our commitment to Government clients

OKSI provides custom intelligent sensors with machine-learning to solve problems where off-the-shelf products are unavailable or inadequate. We have a long track record of successfully delivering sensors and algorithms to government agencies, universities, and commercial companies. Our government clients include: