OKSI Awarded USSOCOM Contract for 81mm Mortar Precision Guidance Kit

Mary Emmerson
August 23, 2023

LOS ANGELESJuly 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — OKSI has been awarded a $2 million follow-on contract from USSOCOM to finalize their Precision Guidance Kit (PGK) for the 81mm mortar round. The screw on 81mm PGK will allow warfighters to precisely guide mortars onto the desired impact point or predesignated target. The mortar’s guidance system is able to find, fix, and lock onto target then uses pop-out control surfaces to steer the mortar down onto the tracked target. This contract aims at taking an area weapon known to be inaccurate and convert it to a precision munition that will provide first round effects.

The 81mm PGK provides SOF teams with a low-cost precision guided munition that delivers first round effects on target.“The PGK provides a precision strike capability that is in the field commander’s back pocket,” says Chris HolmesParker, CEO, OKSI. “USSOCOM is a respected partner of ours and we are grateful to be working with them on numerous efforts. This award shows the trust and faith they have in the OKSI team to deliver a solution that needs to be extremely accurate and reliable when lives are on the line.”

OKSI’s PGK leverages detection and tracking algorithms developed in-house to transform a munition that previously had no guidance at all. This is a prime example of integrating new technologies into a weapon system that is organic to the ground unit to enhance their capabilities in the field.  Previously, SOF units would have to wait on close-air-support for precision munition effects on target. Having the 81mm PGK on hand will significantly reduce the time it takes for soldiers to affect the enemy.

“We are proud to see our advanced technologies providing our warfighters with cutting-edge targeting capabilities for precision munitions such as the 81mm mortar,” says Christopher Shaub, Director of Strategic Partnerships, OKSI. “Our advanced seekers enhance our frontline capabilities, ensure desired effects, and reduce collateral damage and ammo expenditures. We thank SOCOM for recognizing our unique technology and providing us the opportunity to help our elite operators.”

About OKSI

OKSI is an R&D leader in customizing sensors, AI/ML, and EO/IR technologies for ground, air, and space applications within the defense, aerospace, and environmental industries. With over 30 years of driving innovation and disrupting the industry, OKSI is committed to solving the world’s most challenging engineering problems by using AI to extract data across from the entire EO/IR spectrum. Their autonomous and intelligent solutions rapidly analyze, identify, and communicate actionable insights, enabling critical decision making, action prioritization, and outcome optimization. OKSI is a privately held small business headquartered in Torrance, California. Learn more at www.oksi.ai

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