Environmental Sensing

From fine-tuning a process to looking for excessive pollution our expertise in developing sensors and the associated analytics will enable you to meet your goals. We have applied experience from agriculture to rocket motors.

Greenhouse Gases / Isotope Analysis

Field sensors are needed to better understand processes driving climate change. We are meeting that need by developing trace gas sensors and isotope analyzers that unambiguously identify, quantify, and attribute the source of greenhouse gasses, e.g., CO2, CH4, N2O. 

Emissions Monitoring

To solve problems in emissions monitoring and process control we are pushing the envelope of gas sensing technology utilizing laser absorption spectroscopy operating in the mid-infrared (Mid-IR) wavelength region, the so-called “molecular fingerprint” region. Systems operating in this region can have orders of magnitude more sensitivity and better specificity than competing laser systems.

Ground Test Diagnostics

OptoKnowledge is applying our gas sensing technology to supply needed diagnostics for testing and characterizing next generation flight vehicles and rocket engines. Ground-tests using our high fidelity sensors can further guide the design of scaled-down, robust versions that capture essential information for in-flight diagnostics.

Hollow Fiber Optics

Hollow fiber fabrication began at OptoKnowledge in 2012 and grew steadily over the years providing solutions for Mid-IR and/or High-Power laser applications. In 2020, the technology was spun-off into an independent company, Guiding Photonics. enabling a dedicated focus on customer needs for laser delivery (spanning UV to Far-IR) and tunable laser absorption spectroscopy.
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