Optoknowledge Rebrands to OKSI

Mary Emmerson
August 22, 2023

TORRANCE, Calif.Aug. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Opto-Knowledge Systems, Inc. has rebranded its company name to OKSI, an acronym for its existing name, as well as updated its visual identity to reflect its passion for AI and compliment the company’s vision and character. A bold new logo, simplistic in design, intended to represent their history with the variable aperture, VariAp® and passion for EO/IR systems. In addition to the new visual identity, the rebrand includes a new website domain: OKSI.AI.

“We’re excited about this strong new branding that reflects our company’s vibrancy and the character of our employees.” “With a renewed focus on creating a lasting impact on American technological superiority, OKSI is on its fourth year of sustainable hypergrowth,” says Chris HolmesParker, CEO. “We’re excited about this strong new branding that reflects our company’s vibrancy and the character of our employees – their growth is our growth.”

Founded in 1991, OKSI has continued to advance AI/ML through a multitude of innovative research programs leading to technological superiority and the ability to find targets through any camouflage. OKSI has grown substantially in its defense, aerospace, and environmental portfolios, winning numerous major US DoD programs. They have devoted their talent and resources to advancing state-of-the-art AI/ML technologies and integrating them into EO/IR systems for ground, air, and space applications. OKSI is growing in the ranks of global, revolutionary technology companies with a passion for R&D, AI, data, and analytics. Its new visual identity emphasizes their growing market dominance and ability to meet customer demands.

About OKSI

OKSI is an R&D leader in customizing sensors, AI/ML, and EO/IR technologies for ground, air, and space applications within the defense, aerospace, and environmental industries. With over 30 years of driving innovation and disrupting the industry, OKSI is committed to solving the world’s most challenging engineering problems by using AI to extract data across from the entire EO/IR spectrum. Their autonomous and intelligent solutions rapidly analyze, identify, and communicate actionable insights, enabling critical decision making, action prioritization, and outcome optimization. OKSI is a privately held small business headquartered in Torrance, California. Learn more at www.oksi.ai

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